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The Parrots Ate Them All
“The silence was terrible. I knew it would hit us at any moment. When it came the wave was colossal and came crashing down on us. Two of my little ones clung to me. They saw their father go under. He disappeared. We didn’t see him resurface. Then we went under too.” Wow…I...

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Celebrating Achievements
When was the last time that you really celebrated your achievements and success? Or are you afraid that people will think you are “showing off”? When coaching, be it building confidence and self esteem, or enabling people to move into their next career path, I find that...

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Spring in your Step
Lindsey’s Lightbulb Moments [2:09mins] What gives you a Spring in your Step? I know that when the sun is shining, I have a spring in my step – it makes the world a brighter place – literally. I remember when I was pregnant 18 years ago with my eldest, we’d...

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Climbing a mountain
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
…How to Achieve your Goals My coaching journey began in 2005 when I experienced the power of Coaching, and then in 2006 at Achievement Specialists where I first did my first coaching accreditation. How life has changed in the years since then! Many years I have returned as a...

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What’s your Purpose in Life?
….Do you know? It’s an extremely good question and a tricky one too. What exactly is your mission statement? What are you here on Planet Earth to do? I work with many clients to enable them to decipher their purpose, especially when they’re at a crossroads on their journey...

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Communicate with Stories
Welcome to Lindsey’s Light Bulb Moments We all love a good story, and the key to getting your story across clearly and succintly is to have structure. Situation Challenge Action Result Enjoy watching this week’s Video [3:30mins] about communicating using Stories  

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How to Interview Well and Overcome your Nerves
How to Interview Well and Overcome your Nerves The thought of interviews can make the most confident of us become gibbering wrecks and stop us interviewing well. We enter the room, shake hands and are acutely aware that our hand is sweaty. We sit down awkwardly, we are asked questions...

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How to Deliver Successful Business Network Pitches
ATTENTION – Are you a business owner and want to get better value from business networking? Do you dread standing up and delivering your pitch at networks? Networking is known as a great way to promote your business and meet other fascinating business owners. Your fellow networkers...

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Are You Thriving in Your Career?
Are you thriving in your Career?   In the wrong Career can make you wilt Imagine that you are a plant – perhaps an Azalea – you are sitting there with the bright sun beating down on you, however the soil is dry; it’s alkaline and lacking any goodness. It might be sunny –...

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Is Hard Work all it’s cracked up to be?
Is Hard Work all it’s cracked up to be?  There was a great question on Linkedin, the internet networking site, from Chris Barton last week. He asked “Do you believe that people must work hard to become successful”  This really got me thinking and two things immediately sprang...

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