What’s your Purpose in Life?

….Do you know?

compassIt’s an extremely good question and a tricky one too. What exactly is your mission statement? What are you here on Planet Earth to do?

I work with many clients to enable them to decipher their purpose, especially when they’re at a crossroads on their journey through life. For many, working out their purpose is a fantastic decision making tool – it allows them to see opportunities and quickly decide whether these match their purpose and are worth pursuing.

So, how exactly do you find your purpose?

Think about the events in your life that have made a difference. Times when you were so wrapped up in lie, absorbed by the situation. What was important? Were you being empowered? Given guidance or inspiration? Were you organizing, producing, teaching or writing? What was it about those events that inspired you and caught your attention?

Next, look at who you want to help. Is it people? Perhaps a certain type of people – children, single, unwell people… or even organisations or businesses? Or a cause that you are passionate about, animals or the environment?

Find out what the end goal is, and evaluate what you bring to the table in order to achieve that goal. Now you can begin to write your mission statement!


My mission statement?

I am a catalyst so that you have a great quality of life, realise your own wonderfulness. I want to create more joy in this world. By shifting our mind-sets, we can “BE” – be our best selves, be happy, be inspiring leaders, tap into our amazing inner wisdom, AND that this is sustainable for us all.


Lindsey Reed is an experienced NLP coach and trainer and works with people who want their brilliance to shine through. To see how you can improve your personal and working life contact Lindsey either by emailing her on lindsey@glows-coaching.co.uk or call 01832 280168 for a chat to see if she is the right coach for you.


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