Lost our way and found it
Lost Our Way
We can all feel that we’ve lost our way at times. I had felt like this for the last few months. And not in the same way as when we were travelling – we often got lost and that was part of the adventure! There was no excitement here. A drudge.   I could justify this...

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Snowglobe – a powerful metaphor for life
One of my favourite Christmas decorations is a Snowglobe. A client and friend gave it to me. The usual Snowglobe metaphor This simple Christmas decoration has such a powerful metaphor for life. When we pick it up and shake it, the snow swirls around, and we cannot see the object inside...

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An Overthinker
Are You An Overthinker?
Are you an overthinker? Do you overthink? Do you have thoughts that seem to swirl around your head? The more you focus on them, the more frustrated you get. And the amount of time wasted on them can be enormous and with not a great result. I used to be an overthinker big time. I...

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Lost Bunny
Lost Bunny and the Illusion
Stannah and the Lost Bunny Have you seen the Stannah Advert on the TV about the lost bunny? A little girl is tucked up in bed, and her grandpa lovingly looks down. “Time to go to sleep now”. The little girl cries, “But I can’t go to sleep without bunny”. Grandpa kindly slides...

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Is fear an alarm bell?
Do you sometimes get uncomfortable feelings of fear? Is fear an alarm bell that stops you from doing something? It’s as if those feelings are a signal for you to avoid action and giving you a great piece of advice. You may feel fear about talking to someone, and believing that...

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An Inside Job
A few days ago, I did a Go Live video on Facebook. Before I pressed the “Start Live Video” button, my heart was pumping; my skin felt as if it had tiny pins and needles all over and butterflies were doing loop the loop in my stomach. There was also a lot of noise whirling...

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Next Chapter
I fondly remember watching “This Is Your Life” on the telly, Eamon Andrews (that’s showing my age!) holding the big red book and the guest of honour being thrilled with the surprise of who will be walking through the door. For me, our lives are like that big red book full of...

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Judging Others
Judging Others – What a Fallacy!
Judging others – oooh, so many of us do this. It is unpleasant and usually leads to nastiness and upset. Yes, I put my hands up! Judging others is something that I have done and not liked about myself. Ah! The fallacy of this – I am now judging myself!   I used to think...

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making up stories
Making Up Stories – they are not always true…
How often do you find yourself making up stories in your head? Sometimes they can be fun, but it’s those little stories that are often detrimental to our joy of life – and we need to realise they are fiction… “Hola!” we smiled as a man walked past us. His...

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Get Out of the Prison
Do you want to get out of the prison of your mind? Are you fed up with always feeling anxious, fearful or stressed and it’s stopping you being YOU? We have been travelling around South Africa for six weeks now. A beautiful country, however, what I find sad to see is so many...

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