New Pathway
Pathway of Life
New Pathways from Old. Do you tend to walk down the same pathways or do you like to explore new ones? We are currently living near Stockport and often pop along to Happy Valley, an ancient wooded valley along the Ladybrook River, for our favourite local walk. It’s so peaceful,...

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An Overthinker
Are You An Overthinker?
Are you an overthinker? Do you overthink? Do you have thoughts that seem to swirl around your head? The more you focus on them, the more frustrated you get. And the amount of time wasted on them can be enormous and with not a great result. I used to be an overthinker big time. I...

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Lost Bunny
Lost Bunny and the Illusion
Stannah and the Lost Bunny Have you seen the Stannah Advert on the TV about the lost bunny? A little girl is tucked up in bed, and her grandpa lovingly looks down. “Time to go to sleep now”. The little girl cries, “But I can’t go to sleep without bunny”. Grandpa kindly slides...

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Waiting to Feel Confident
Waiting to Feel Confident?
Do you often wait until you feel a certain way before you do something? Perhaps you are waiting to feel confident? You might have had a small nudge in your mind to write that blog or speak to that person, whatever it is, but keep putting it off because you are waiting…. waiting...

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Play Safe – that’s what our Ancestors want
Our damn ancestors have caused us untold problems, so we often play safe. They didn’t mean to do this, and in fact, if they hadn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this now.   Let me explain.   Currently, I am running a programme called Dreams to Reality in 100...

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Is fear an alarm bell?
Do you sometimes get uncomfortable feelings of fear? Is fear an alarm bell that stops you from doing something? It’s as if those feelings are a signal for you to avoid action and giving you a great piece of advice. You may feel fear about talking to someone, and believing that...

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Subtracting Shit
Recently I was on a Zoom call with a group of other coaches. One of them mentioned that she doesn’t grow. I was intrigued and curious about her statement and wanted to understand what she meant. (Especially as I would often ask clients “What happens to a tree when it stops...

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An Inside Job
A few days ago, I did a Go Live video on Facebook. Before I pressed the “Start Live Video” button, my heart was pumping; my skin felt as if it had tiny pins and needles all over and butterflies were doing loop the loop in my stomach. There was also a lot of noise whirling...

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Next Chapter
I fondly remember watching “This Is Your Life” on the telly, Eamon Andrews (that’s showing my age!) holding the big red book and the guest of honour being thrilled with the surprise of who will be walking through the door. For me, our lives are like that big red book full of...

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Thoughts and The Birdie Song
If there is one song I dislike, it is the Birdie Song by The Tweets. If you don’t know it, I strongly advise you NOT to go on Spotify and listen to it! The irritating tune will seep into your soul and you’ll be humming this for the rest of the day… In fact, that...

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