making up stories
Making Up Stories – they are not always true…
How often do you find yourself making up stories in your head? Sometimes they can be fun, but it’s those little stories that are often detrimental to our joy of life – and we need to realise they are fiction… “Hola!” we smiled as a man walked past us. His...

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Have some space
Have Some Space, it saves time!
When we are busy and have a list of tasks as long as our arm, it seems counterintuitive to take some time out, have some space. Yes, my suggestion for you in the next coming weeks is to have some space, some free time. I realise that it is probably the busiest time of the year. And...

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Get out of the Prison
Get Out of the Prison
Do you want to get out of the prison of your mind? Are you fed up with always feeling anxious, fearful or stressed and it’s stopping you being YOU? We have been travelling around South Africa for six weeks now. A beautiful country, however, what I find sad to see is so many...

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What’s your blind-spot?
I suddenly saw my blind-spot. How had I missed it? It was there right in front of me. The type of blind-spot I am writing about here is the psychological type – where I was unable to see certain things about my own behaviour, not the optic nerve type of blind-spot! Our Journey Tim...

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Suicidal Thoughts
Suicidal Thoughts
Suicidal thoughts, not something I usually write about. Do you remember the theme tune of American Sitcom series M.A.S.H.? It was “Suicide is painless”. I used to find this rather tasteless. In my innocence, I thought it was a taboo subject to talk about. How many of us have...

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Before you have a wobbly HALT
Before you have a wobbly… HALT!
Before you have a wobbly – HALT! And if you think someone else is about to have a wobbly HALT as well. What great advice. But what does it mean? When we were staying with a Doctor friend of ours recently, I chatted with him about the epidemic of mental illness. As a GP he has too...

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Too busy to enjoy your life
Are you too busy to enjoy life? Sadly, I recognise this in so many people and I’ve definitely been there and got the T-Shirt!   “I am just too busy!” my friend said when I asked if he had signed up for the free meals voucher I’d sent him. My husband and I have been...

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Stuck record 2
Stuck Record? Want to get rid of it?
Do you have a stuck record; one of those tunes that keep repeating the same thing over and over? The needle keeps slipping. When you meet new people, do you find yourself repeating your old story to them. You see friends and out it comes; that old story. Do you recognise this in...

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Stop overthinking – How do I do that?
  Stop overthinking – How do I do that? asked a client. He shared that his brain just doesn’t switch off. He wasn’t sleeping well, feeling stressed and he’s had enough. One of the first questions I asked was how many thoughts he had, on average, in a day. “Millions”...

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Mind Read
Are you a mind reader?
Are you a mind reader? Can you really mind read what people are thinking? Imagine this scenario: Sitting in a room is a group of people from many backgrounds. What links them is that they are all interested in learning. Gradually, one by one, they share what they want to achieve from...

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