Too busy to enjoy your life
Are you too busy to enjoy life? Sadly, I recognise this in so many people and I’ve definitely been there and got the T-Shirt!   “I am just too busy!” my friend said when I asked if he had signed up for the free meals voucher I’d sent him. My husband and I have been...

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Stuck record 2
Stuck Record? Want to get rid of it?
Do you have a stuck record; one of those tunes that keep repeating the same thing over and over? The needle keeps slipping. When you meet new people, do you find yourself repeating your old story to them. You see friends and out it comes; that old story. Do you recognise this in...

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Stop overthinking – How do I do that?
  Stop overthinking – How do I do that? asked a client. He shared that his brain just doesn’t switch off. He wasn’t sleeping well, feeling stressed and he’s had enough. One of the first questions I asked was how many thoughts he had, on average, in a day. “Millions”...

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Mind Read
Are you a mind reader?
Are you a mind reader? Can you really mind read what people are thinking? Imagine this scenario: Sitting in a room is a group of people from many backgrounds. What links them is that they are all interested in learning. Gradually, one by one, they share what they want to achieve from...

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Riding the wave of our minds
Oceans are like our minds – never still. Each moment there is a wave, and then another and another. Continuous. Sometimes the waves are strong; the force of the wind creating friction and great crescendos of water then crash with immense power. Between each crash are moments...

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Wallowing in Mud
  Mud, mud, glorious mud – Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood. So follow me, follow – down to the hollow, And there let us wallow in glorious mud.   Sometimes it’s quite nice to be wallowing in mud, especially when life throws up issues, problems, challenges....

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Beauty Products2
How to Look 10 Years Younger
The beauty industry makes millions each year from people that want to look 10 years younger… through selling serums, creams, potions, … or there’s Botox, and for the desperate – the scalpel knife!! However, from recent experience– I have discovered another way!! I have just...

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Sun in puddle2
A Good or Bad Day?
She rushed in, looking rather flustered – slumped in the chair next to me and said “Sorry I’m late – I’m having one of those days!”…One of those days? A good or bad day? From the look on her face – it certainly looked the latter! I was chairing a network group...

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tug of war 3
Winning the Tug of War
  “Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well.” Mahatma Gandhi …Our camping holiday this year was a washout in more ways than one. As well as the rain tipping down, I was also ill (very...

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5 Top Tips for a Merry Christmas
Christmas can be a frantic time, there is so much to do – cards to write, presents to buy and wrap, events to attend, food to cook and the list goes on and on. So some top tips for a Merry Christmas are shared with you, as Christmas doesn’t need to be stressful. It is...

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