The spell has been broken
The spell has been broken
It’s been 20 days since we left Britain and despite not writing a blog here for ages, I’ve written a short blog every day on facebook. It started off just a few sentences, however as the days go by, these have turned into a couple of paragraphs and more. Each day something...

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Understanding About Thoughts
Understanding about thoughts
Life would be so much easier if we had our very own manual on how we work so we had an understanding about thoughts. What if there was one? In the past 18 months, I’ve found and got a deeper understanding about thoughts, which was different to how I original understood them. It’s...

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Homeless and Happy? Is this possible?
Homeless and Happy – can these 2 words go together? Imagine lying, curled up in the dark and freezing cold and all you have for protection is your cupboard box. You look at your watch and it is 2am. You hear the howling wind and the strength of it constantly rattles your home for...

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Mind Read
Are you a mind reader?
Are you a mind reader? Can you really mind read what people are thinking? Imagine this scenario: Sitting in a room is a group of people from many backgrounds. What links them is that they are all interested in learning. Gradually, one by one, they share what they want to achieve from...

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Feeling Stuck Turtle
Feeling Stuck
“Push harder – it’s feeling stuck” said Tim. I sensed my husband’s frustration – in fact I was also getting hot and bothered. A few weeks earlier, we’d purchased a new sofa for our first home. When the delivery guys arrived, they insisted that the sofa would not get...

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Riding the wave of our minds
Oceans are like our minds – never still. Each moment there is a wave, and then another and another. Continuous. Sometimes the waves are strong; the force of the wind creating friction and great crescendos of water then crash with immense power. Between each crash are moments...

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Wallowing in Mud
  Mud, mud, glorious mud – Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood. So follow me, follow – down to the hollow, And there let us wallow in glorious mud.   Sometimes it’s quite nice to be wallowing in mud, especially when life throws up issues, problems, challenges....

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happiness love and peace
5 Tips for a Happy Year – with Happiness, Love and Peace
What is it that we all want for 2016? If we get down to basics – is it Happiness, Love, Peace – for ourselves, for others, for the world? Rather than tips on Goal setting and New Year’s resolutions, below are my 5 tips for a happy year bringing peace and love into the world:   Have...

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It was November 2014; the ice wind was whirling around. Despite wearing layers of clothes, a thick winter coat, boots, furry hat and gloves, I could feel the wind creeping into any tiny gaps and finding my skin to crawl over. I shivered. The wind scorched my face. I pulled my hat...

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Beauty Products2
How to Look 10 Years Younger
The beauty industry makes millions each year from people that want to look 10 years younger… through selling serums, creams, potions, … or there’s Botox, and for the desperate – the scalpel knife!! However, from recent experience– I have discovered another way!! I have just...

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