Before you have a wobbly HALT
Before you have a wobbly… HALT!
Before you have a wobbly – HALT! And if you think someone else is about to have a wobbly HALT as well. What great advice. But what does it mean? When we were staying with a Doctor friend of ours recently, I chatted with him about the epidemic of mental illness. As a GP he has too...

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Go with the flow
Go with the flow…
Do you go with the flow?  I used to be such a planner, always knowing exactly what I’d be doing in the following days, weeks, months… I’d have my tick list, project plan and was renowned for my spreadsheet creations with action plans. Life is very different now! One of...

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Selfish or Selfless?…
If you take care of yourself, are you selfish or selfless? I have heard from a number of clients that caring for themselves is uncomfortable and seems selfish. Is it though? Recently my husband and I, plus 3 friends, went to Burkina Faso….a land locked country in West Africa...

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Thanks to Sue Beatrice to allow me to use her photo of her amazing work. All Natural Arts www.allnaturalarts.com
Butterflies and Cogs
What type of cog are you? Are you a small one that goes frantically round and round in circles; or the cog that often gets stuck or the cog that disappears, leaving a gap? Or perhaps you are the cog that flows easily and aids other cogs to work well? We are all cogs, and each cog...

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Sun in puddle2
A Good or Bad Day?
She rushed in, looking rather flustered – slumped in the chair next to me and said “Sorry I’m late – I’m having one of those days!”…One of those days? A good or bad day? From the look on her face – it certainly looked the latter! I was chairing a network group...

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Eureka copy
Great Expectations
  “The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them.” ― George Bernard Shaw. …I arrived at Peterborough station early for my train, so sat people watching….a...

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against the stream - opposite concept - leader goldfish
The fish that saw the light
The water was wonderfully calm and cool as I swam south to visit my very dear friend, the Sea bass. I had got up very early and with plenty of time, relaxed and enjoyed the journey. Shoals of fish rushed past me, causing me to stop and wait. It didn’t matter, I took advantage of...

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Bad Good
Having a bad day?
…. 7 Tips to Brighten up a Bad Day…  Do you find yourself sometimes saying “I’m having a bad day”? Everything seems to go wrong. You start off as if you’ve got out of the wrong side of the bed and everything goes from bad to worse. What can you...

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Peace on Earth…or Frantic Festives?
Christmas time, Mistletoe and Wine….. It’s that time of year when families gather together to celebrate Christmas. A wonderful time; giving and sharing, laughter and merriment…with baubles and fairy lights glowing. Or is it a time of stress? Does it mean a time of...

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Graham's front garden
Be in the Right State
…Not in a Right State! Sometimes daily challenges can make us feel low: stresses at work; financial worries; feeling nervous about an event or negative people dragging us down. Or it could be doing something that you loathe; de-motivated and feeling frustrated that you need...

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