Spring in your Step

Lindsey’s Lightbulb Moments [2:09mins]

What gives you a Spring in your Step? I know that when the sun is shining, I have a spring in my step – it makes the world a brighter place – literally. I remember when I was pregnant 18 years ago with my eldest, we’d joined anĀ ante-natal group and were asked to introduce ourselves including sharing something that we enjoyed. People said things like golf, painting, reading, music….I said “Sunny Days”!

However we can’t rely on something external that we have no control of to give us a Spring in our Step. Having coached many people that want to make a change in their lives, I often ask what makes them tick – what gives them a spring in their step – often they don’t know…to begin with. And when they do know – it can be liberating. And what about you? Do you know?

When we understand what fulfills us, what gives us joy, what gives us a spring in our step, then we can make the decision to ensure that we have more of this in our lives.

If you would like to discover what gives you a Spring in your Step, then contact me, Lindsey on 01832 280168, lindsey@glows-coaching.co.uk to see how coaching can support you.

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