Get out of the Prison
Get Out of the Prison
Do you want to get out of the prison of your mind? Are you fed up with always feeling anxious, fearful or stressed and it’s stopping you being YOU? We have been travelling around South Africa for six weeks now. A beautiful country, however, what I find sad to see is so many...

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Suicidal Thoughts
Suicidal Thoughts
Suicidal thoughts, not something I usually write about. Do you remember the theme tune of American Sitcom series M.A.S.H.? It was “Suicide is painless”. I used to find this rather tasteless. In my innocence, I thought it was a taboo subject to talk about. How many of us have...

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Homeless and Happy? Is this possible?
Homeless and Happy – can these 2 words go together? Imagine lying, curled up in the dark and freezing cold and all you have for protection is your cupboard box. You look at your watch and it is 2am. You hear the howling wind and the strength of it constantly rattles your home for...

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Riding the wave of our minds
Oceans are like our minds – never still. Each moment there is a wave, and then another and another. Continuous. Sometimes the waves are strong; the force of the wind creating friction and great crescendos of water then crash with immense power. Between each crash are moments...

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Wallowing in Mud
  Mud, mud, glorious mud – Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood. So follow me, follow – down to the hollow, And there let us wallow in glorious mud.   Sometimes it’s quite nice to be wallowing in mud, especially when life throws up issues, problems, challenges....

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It was November 2014; the ice wind was whirling around. Despite wearing layers of clothes, a thick winter coat, boots, furry hat and gloves, I could feel the wind creeping into any tiny gaps and finding my skin to crawl over. I shivered. The wind scorched my face. I pulled my hat...

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against the stream - opposite concept - leader goldfish
The fish that saw the light
The water was wonderfully calm and cool as I swam south to visit my very dear friend, the Sea bass. I had got up very early and with plenty of time, relaxed and enjoyed the journey. Shoals of fish rushed past me, causing me to stop and wait. It didn’t matter, I took advantage of...

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Bad Good
Having a bad day?
…. 7 Tips to Brighten up a Bad Day…  Do you find yourself sometimes saying “I’m having a bad day”? Everything seems to go wrong. You start off as if you’ve got out of the wrong side of the bed and everything goes from bad to worse. What can you...

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Sad copy
Don’t wait for the Nervous Breakdown
…Do something about it Now On Saturday I was listening to the Radio and a lady called Linda Cruse described how she experienced a horrendous experience due to severe stress and this forced her to re-evaluate her life. It reminded me how in early 2005, I also was close to having...

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What’s in the middle of beliefs?
I know I say this fairly often but… this really is one of my favourite subjects! Beliefs. What on earth is in the middle of beliefs? Well, the clue is in the name. They’re very often lies! Beliefs may seem really true to us, and at times, fundamental to whom we are – in terms...

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