How to Interview Well and Overcome your Nerves

How to Interview Well and Overcome your Nerves

The thought of interviews can make the most confident of us become gibbering wrecks and stop us interviewing well. We enter the room, shake hands and are acutely aware that our hand is sweaty. We sit down awkwardly, we are asked questions and the mind goes blank. “What did they say?” “I can’t think of an example!” or we get verbal diarrhoea and can’t stop talking – must of it rubbish. Perhaps your nerves and fear of the interview are costing you your next job and reducing your confidence level. Not very useful when you want to perform at your best.

So what happens when we get nervous?

Over thousands of years, we have developed a natural defence mechanism, our “flight or fight” response, in order that we can quickly defend or escape from predators or enemies. This is useful if we are in danger of being mugged however not so useful when going for an Interview.

What happens is that our hypothalamus, the part of the brain that controls the “fight or flight” response, triggers approx 30 different hormones in our body to be released. All these hormones zooming around our body causes our heart rate and blood pressure to increase, our breathing to increase, we may feel chilly and get goose bumps, our throat dries up, butterflies in the stomach, and if that’s not enough – we also may have trouble focusing!

So one of the key tips when preparing for Interviews is to learn strategies to remain calm and feel confident ready for the Interview. Remind yourself that the Interview process is a 2-way thing. You are interviewing the organisation as well as them interviewing you. What do you want to know to ensure that the role is a right fit for you?

Help is at hand

Katherine Wiid, from Recrion and I, Lindsey Reed from Glows Coaching are two career experts that are passionate about helping people find and get the right careers from themselves. We have collaborated together and with our expert knowledge both in the Interview process and understanding people, we have developed our Interview with Confidence Master Class, where we show you how to interview well so that you overcome your nerves and are at your best.

Previous participants have achieved successful interview results using our tips and techniques:

  • How to effectively prepare for the interview
  • Ensuring you are in the right frame of mind
  • Learning how to build rapport with the interviewer
  • The secrets to answering questions effectively
  • How to overcome those nerves
  • And so much more!

And the best thing is, under the Redundancy Support scheme, you could be entitled to attend this career-changing session for FREE!

    • Date: TBA – contact us for details

By the end of this workshop, you will know how to interview well, feel full of confidence, prepared and ready for your next interview. A great investment for your future career.

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