The fish that saw the light

against the stream - opposite concept - leader goldfishThe water was wonderfully calm and cool as I swam south to visit my very dear friend, the Sea bass. I had got up very early and with plenty of time, relaxed and enjoyed the journey. Shoals of fish rushed past me, causing me to stop and wait. It didn’t matter, I took advantage of these interruptions and noticed the surroundings, the forest of dark kale and the bright seaweed swaying; each frond seemed as if it was waving to me.

Finally I arrived and immediately noticed the silver scales of my dear friend glistening brightly. Even though her first fin was spikey, the second was soft, reflecting her warm and loving character. We greeted each other with great affection, feeling the natural closeness between us, and caught up on news before her other friends joined us. I had met one before; the others were strangers to me from different parts of the sea.

Sea bass had arranged to take us on a journey through the sea to new places. I felt excited yet an uneasy feeling was growing inside of me. These were new waters and Sea bass wanted me to swim by the side of her, leading the way. I pondered on this responsibility. What would the other fish think? What right had I swimming here at the front? I tried to keep relaxed, pointing out to the other fish things of interest such as the anchor of an old ship. My tail flickered from side to side out of line. My scales seemed to dim and the colour faded. What did I have to offer?

At times the waters were dark and deep. I couldn’t shake off this uneasy feeling. What was happening to me? I noticed the other fish. Some seemed to be facing their fear of the deep water, being stirred up and then shimmering with joy.  I wanted to join in yet didn’t.

I kept swimming and felt a gradual tightness around me. A net. I struggled and struggled. The more I struggled the tighter the mesh wove round. I tried to scream but my mouth wouldn’t open, I screamed soundlessly, silent bubbles rose inside “Help, Help, Help”.

Some of the fish hadn’t noticed the commotion and swam happily away.  I noticed that Sea bass was also caught and her face was contorted in agony. The net was hurting, digging deep. I felt alone – I didn’t want to be a burden, I felt alone so tussled, trying to free myself and just making the situation worse.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that Sea bass was puffing!  What was she doing? I watched carefully. It was as if her breathe was sending a message out through the surf, as if she trusted that help would come. From the depths of the seas, a large fish appeared and looked at her with his piercing eyes. There was something magical happening between them…..wisdom at a deep level. Something seemed different in her long streamlined body. Her gills blew out and, with a sudden calmness, she rose up above.

Sea bass and her friend looked down at me with a serene intensity, willing me to be aware of my struggle and what it meant. It’s as if they both recognised my strength more than even I knew myself and were telling me that I will get through this.

I managed to free my mouth. I shared my anguish; a swell of relief flooded my body. I stopped.

I noticed the space – the gap in the mesh. I shifted my weight, realising I was on the verge of breaking free. I paused, relaxed my body and allowing my roughened scales to smooth down. And then….and then….building up the strength that had been hidden inside of me….whoosh….Whaaah!

Like a reflection of how I am feeling, the sun’s rays penetrate through the water. It reflects on my scales brightly and I am shining. My face glows with such joy. What valuable lessons I have learnt! I have found my strength and my voice. What stories I have to share!

Sea bass looks at me with her beautiful twinkling eyes and her friend with his intense loving stare. They smile simultaneously. I intuitively know what to do.

I take a deep breath of water, blow out bubbles of delight and declare to the shoal my vision.

The ocean is such an exciting place to explore – even in the depths of the ocean floor I am bringing light. I am excited about meeting many new shoals in many places of the ocean. The ocean glows brightly, learnings shared, communities built and joy being spread.

The other fish notice this in me and we celebrate together. There is a great sense of a supportive community where we value each other and ourselves. We flick our tails and wiggle our fins with joy.

The vision is already happening.

Very quickly, there is such a cacophony of happiness that other creatures of the sea are attracted to hear what I have to say. The octopus, crabs, prawns and squid all hear my stories and learnings; The Dolphins also – they click and whistle to others…. spreading like a tidal wave….with joy.

It’s Lindsey speaking now – This is part of my own journey and I want to share with you my vision: Through sharing my learning I am enabling communities around the world to be joyful. When we are at peace with ourselves and congruent, in harmony, we glow – we create glows of peace and happiness. I’d love you to come on this journey with me and create this around the world…with much love x

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