A Good or Bad Day?

Sun in puddle2

She rushed in, looking rather flustered – slumped in the chair next to me and said “Sorry I’m late – I’m having one of those days!”…One of those days? A good or bad day? From the look on her face – it certainly looked the latter!

I was chairing a network group at the time and 5 minutes earlier, had stood up to deliver my “one minute”.

“Do you ever hear yourself or others say – “I’m having a good day” or “a bad day”?

So does that mean that whatever happens that day – good or bad day…you need to wait until the earth completes its rotation on its axis so that the next day you can have a good / bad day! And what if you have a good / bad hour…or minute…or even a moment?….”

By changing our language to “moment” means that we have a choice on what the next moment will be….good, bad, fantastic, dreadful, excellent… (Rather than, at an unconscious level, thinking that the whole day will be a good or bad day). And realising that we have choice how we perceive each moment is liberating….and how do you want the next moment to be?

And so…when my friend sat down and caught her breathe – I said “Ah, you’re having one of those moments” She grinned and sighed with relief….

Beyond the clouds, and the dark of night…remember, the sun always glows bright” Lindsey Reed

Lindsey Reed is an experienced NLP coach and trainer – enabling her clients to be their best selves and achieve every day excellence. if you would like to work with Lindsey, contact her either by email lindsey@glows-coaching.co.uk or call 01832 280168 for a chat to see if she is the right coach for you.


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