What’s in the middle of beliefs?

BeliefsI know I say this fairly often but… this really is one of my favourite subjects! Beliefs. What on earth is in the middle of beliefs? Well, the clue is in the name. They’re very often lies! Beliefs may seem really true to us, and at times, fundamental to whom we are – in terms of wealth, health, relationships, success, ourselves, our careers. But beliefs aren’t facts, they are just ideas. As humans, we naturally prop our ideas up with situations that assert the beliefs and make seem them true. The wonderful thing is that when beliefs aren’t helpful to us, we can choose to change them.

Many clients have had beliefs that have held them back. As soon as they realise that their belief is not true and they can decide what they want to believe instead, they feel liberated. Beliefs are NOT fact, they are opinions and ideas that we pick up (often when young) from others and from our experiences. Changing your beliefs can change your life – allowing you to be more confident, happy and successful.

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