Understanding about thoughts

Life would be so much easier if we had our very own manual on how we work so we had an understanding about thoughts. What if there was one?Understanding About Thoughts

In the past 18 months, I’ve found and got a deeper understanding about thoughts, which was different to how I original understood them. It’s funny how we see things one way and then have a realisation and see these in a totally different way – sometimes in a split second.

I remember a few years back a friend bought me this mug “I love Spreadsheets”.  When I read it, I didn’t get it.

“I love spread sheets? I don’t like spreading sheets”

It was Christmas and we had lots of people staying, so my mind was on making beds. It wasn’t until our eldest son read it out to me that I got it!

Excel Queen

I love using Excel (hence the mug), completing complex reconciliations using this wonderful tool. In fact I was known as the Excel Queen! However, like any tool it’s extremely useful to know how it works and how to use it effectively. I once heard of someone entering a whole load of data into excel, but because they didn’t know how to use it, they then added up a column of amounts using a calculator instead of just highlighting and clicking the  sign. Now, if we don’t know how to use something then it’s not surprising that we don’t use it efficiently and don’t get the best result.

In a way that’s why I’ve always enjoyed maths (or math as they say in America). Once we understand the principals of maths then we can complete a whole load of equations and calculations. For example understanding geometry gives us a practical guide for measuring lengths, areas, and volumes. Useful within construction, navigation, clothes making and a myriad of other areas of our lives.

So when I came across the principles of how we experience life, an understanding about thoughts; of human psychology, these connected with me. I got it. It was as if I’d come home.

We’re NOT our thoughts

I had, in the past, intuitively known that something was missing from my knowledge of understanding about thoughts. I knew it was something to do with our thinking but spent too long analysing and getting into my thoughts and thinking that I WAS my thoughts.

I used to think that my thoughts were real and defined me. I used to believe the inner chatter and add layers of thinking on top of my thinking. Analysing, Judging, Comparing, Dwelling. I had strategies of managing my own and clients’ insecure thinking, I knew tools and techniques very well to cope with stress, anxiety and confidence issues yet there was still a veil of insecurity there. Yes – I had shifts in my thinking however it wasn’t enough.

And now that veil has gone – completely.

One of the key things I’ve learnt through this understanding about thoughts is that we are NOT our thoughts. Our thoughts are like a tool, our very own operating system.

We have eyes so that we can see,

We have ears so we can hear,

We have hands so we can touch,

We have thoughts so that we can experience life.

We are not our eyes, ears, hands or thoughts. These are our very own incredible tools so that we can connect with our personal kaleidoscope of life.

Just like excel and geometry, when we have a deep understanding of how something really works then we can use this in a multitude of ways for the benefit of us and others.

What a wonderful gift this tool, this power of thought is when we understand about thought and how it works.

Understanding about Thoughts

Thoughts are constant, like breathing we will continuously think until we die. We have the capacity for fresh thoughts to pass through us – like radio waves, giving us moment to moment experience of life. How long is a thought? Only as long as you think it – there will be another thought queuing up to take its place.

Watching a toddler, they go from one experience to another, from a full blown tantrum where they are literally throwing their toys out of their pram, to suddenly having their attention diverted to a butterfly fluttering around them. They suddenly stop the bawling and move on, being curious about this beautiful creature.

They don’t then start thinking about their thinking – “why was I so dramatic throwing my toys out? What are people going to think of me? I feel awful now .I feel really upset about being upset”


They just move on to the next moment in their lives.

We grew from living in the present to living in our thoughts due to an innocent misunderstanding that has been transferred from generation to generation.

The manual’s been found!

The understanding about thoughts is part of the three principles of thought, consciousness and mind. I think of these principles are the manual of human experience. When we have an ever-deepening understanding of how we experience life, how it unfolds for us, this truly is transformational.

Calm, present, effortless, stress-free, improved relationships, less reaction, mental well being, peace and content yet living more fully. These are some of the words that describe the consequence of this understanding.

Imagine a world where more people are experiencing life like this! Perhaps this seems implausible yet consider how we have progressed in many areas of life such as medicine, technology and science.

I have hope. My aim is to sharing this understanding in human psychology around the world so that others can benefit and rediscover their natural well-being and confidence, living a more peaceful and joyful life.

If you are interested in understanding more about this understanding in human psychology, perhaps you would like to read my new book Got It: The Answer to a Confident, Productive & Stress-Free Life Now available from Amazon in paperback and in ebook.

Lindsey Reed is an experienced International Coach, Trainer and Author. She enables people to have a joyful, fulfilled life and be their best selves. If you would like to work with Lindsey, contact her either by email lindsey@glows-coaching.co.uk or call 01832 280168 for a chat to see if she is the right coach for you. (121 coaching is either face to face / telephone / skype

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