The spell has been broken

The Spell has been BrokenIt’s been 20 days since we left Britain and despite not writing a blog here for ages, I’ve written a short blog every day on facebook. It started off just a few sentences, however as the days go by, these have turned into a couple of paragraphs and more. Each day something will connect with me, sometimes something quite small like seeing a flower on a bush in rugged stark conditions will inspire me. Or I may just share what we have experienced for that day.

If you are unaware, let me explain what we are up to. Earlier in the year, my husband and I decided to sell our lovely home that we designed and had built. This sounds grand, it wasn’t, but a lovely home it certainly was. Life moves on, our two sons have flown the nest and the house seemed too big for us.

At the same time, our youngest was travelling to SE Asia and Australasia and visited close friends of ours. When we saw them altogether via Skype, we both immediately knew that when we sold the house, we would fly over to New Zealand and visit our friends.

Over the following weeks, independently, the idea popped up for us that we might as well go travelling for a year. It was weird, there was no discussion like shall we shan’t we, it was like telepathy! So here we are 19 days on, we’ve been to Lisbon, Budapest and Dubai and now in India. Not much of a plan apart from getting to New Zealand, just going with what takes us.

Anyhow, getting back to writing, what has surprised me is the effortless that writing these short blogs on facebook has been for me. I used to really struggle with writing anything. In my past life in the corporate sector it would take me hours in front of the computer to write various reports. A blank page would stare up at me, teasing me, goading me to write something and then dismiss it. A sentence would take ages to compose, words would be tweaked, the order changed. So much thinking whirling in my head.

And even for the past 10 years writing occasionally the odd blog here, I would have loads of ideas and yet not put them down in form. The ideas would again whirl round my head. Not much good doing that! Doesn’t achieve anything!

The spell has been broken.

I now love to write. It is fun. The words effortlessly flow with not much thinking going on. I trust my innate wisdom to allow the words to form…well, that’s what’s happening now. There were no techniques to reframe my beliefs about writing. There were no going back to the past to let go of the comments from the headmaster when I was 11 about my poor reading and writing skills. I realise now that those thoughts of my perceived ridiculed was made up and were old unwanted thoughts. Move on…

I love the quote Sydney Banks who said:

 Going back into the past is like going back into the shower to dry off.

For me, through understanding the system of how we experience life, I don’t need to analyse thoughts, go back into the past, any of that hard work. I just don’t take my thoughts so seriously now and realise that there is something deeper within our system, innate wisdom. Trusting this, having full inner confidence that I am ok, allows me to live life peacefully, fully and at ease.

I used to live in my head. I used to go over and over the same old thoughts that weren’t much use and believe them. I used to think they defined me. They don’t.

There is a formless energy within us, call it wisdom, intuition, sub conscious….fred…it doesn’t matter what it is called. We create new ideas, insights, fresh thinking from this place (which isn’t a place at all). And this works so much better when we have clear minds rather than muddled minds. That’s why so many people find the benefit from meditation. It gives them space from their cluttered minds. Yet when we see how we intrinsically work, we can live life more in this space.

Perhaps start to notice your own experience. What is the essence when life flows, when ideas pop up effortlessly or solutions suddenly appear for you? Do let me know.

When we understand how our system works and experience this for ourselves, we can live with ease. This understanding has broken the spell…I AM a writer.

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Lindsey Reed is an experienced International Confidence Coach, Trainer and Author. She enables people to have a joyful, fulfilled life and be their best selves…re-igniting their lives with confidence. Lindsey is still coaching around the world via the internet and if you would like to work with her, send an email to  so that she can arrange an online chat with you.

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