Overcoming Failure

Lindsey’s Lightbulb Moments – Overcoming Failure [4:49mins]

So often the fear of failure can stop us from moving forward and achieving in our career or other areas of our lives.  And if we do fail and then label ourselves as failures, it can make us feel bitter, angry, and knock our confidence levels down. We can hold on to this negative feeling for years.

If we look at the lives of many successful people such as Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Sir Richard Branson – they have all experienced failings – however this didn’t hold them back – they persevered, learned and improved.

And look at our own early lives. When we learned to walk for the first time, the majorty of us, if not all, failed to walk straight away – we fell, hurt ourselves, bruised our knees, perhaps knocked our heads – we didn’t decide to give up – we tried, persevered and succeeded – we hadn’t learned the stigma of failure.

So rather than perceive failure as something negative – how can we redefine it to lessen the emotional impact? One of the presuppositions of Neuro Linguistic Programming is that “There is no failure, just feedback” – and here’s the clue as to our redefinition. I hope you enjoy this week’s Lightbulb moment – please do add your own comments and experience to this week’s video blog.


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