Welcome to my Lightbulb Moments – these are a range of my thoughts / inspirations / learnings that I share with you…

Thoughts and The Birdie Song
If there is one song I dislike, it is the Birdie Song by The Tweets. If you don’t know it, I strongly advise you NOT to go on Spotify and listen to it! The irritating tune will seep into your soul and you’ll be humming this for the rest of the day… In fact, that...

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battle within your mind
The epic battle… within your mind.
Like many people, we were watching an epic battle episode of Game of Thrones recently. By the time it was finished, I was exhausted and so was my mind. Were you? The funny thing is that we all know it is all made up. No person or dragon really got killed. There is not a load of...

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Judging Others
Judging Others – What a Fallacy!
Judging others – oooh, so many of us do this. It is unpleasant and usually leads to nastiness and upset. Yes, I put my hands up! Judging others is something that I have done and not liked about myself. Ah! The fallacy of this – I am now judging myself!   I used to think...

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making up stories
Making Up Stories – they are not always true…
How often do you find yourself making up stories in your head? Sometimes they can be fun, but it’s those little stories that are often detrimental to our joy of life – and we need to realise they are fiction… “Hola!” we smiled as a man walked past us. His...

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Have some space
Have Some Space, it saves time!
When we are busy and have a list of tasks as long as our arm, it seems counterintuitive to take some time out, have some space. Yes, my suggestion for you in the next coming weeks is to have some space, some free time. I realise that it is probably the busiest time of the year. And...

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Get Out of the Prison
Do you want to get out of the prison of your mind? Are you fed up with always feeling anxious, fearful or stressed and it’s stopping you being YOU? We have been travelling around South Africa for six weeks now. A beautiful country, however, what I find sad to see is so many...

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What’s your blind-spot?
I suddenly saw my blind-spot. How had I missed it? It was there right in front of me. The type of blind-spot I am writing about here is the psychological type – where I was unable to see certain things about my own behaviour, not the optic nerve type of blind-spot! Our Journey Tim...

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Suicidal Thoughts
Suicidal Thoughts
Suicidal thoughts, not something I usually write about. Do you remember the theme tune of American Sitcom series M.A.S.H.? It was “Suicide is painless”. I used to find this rather tasteless. In my innocence, I thought it was a taboo subject to talk about. How many of us have...

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I am so grateful in Tokyo
I am so grateful
Phew, I am so grateful that the fiasco of changing General Data Protection Regulation is now over, especially having to sort this out whilst travelling. More importantly, I am so grateful to those who have stayed connected. It is lovely to know that my Lightbulb Moments are read...

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What If
What if… we saw life differently?
What if we turn everything we think we know about life on its head? What if we realised that we are ok no matter what? What if we saw life differently? Something has shifted. Until recently, when my husband Tim and I were talking about philosophical subjects about life, I at times...

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