ART of Conversation

 …And Enjoy Social OccasionsGlows Lightbulb small

Do you dread going to work or social functions where you have to speak to people you don’t know? Do you suffer from being shy? Do you want the ground to swallow you up? Do you want to blend into the background? Does your mind go blank and you cannot think of anything to say? Do you feel that you are boring? Uninteresting? And do you believe that everyone else in the room is full of Confidence?

That’s exactly how I used to be.  It’s horrible isn’t it.

Recently we were invited to a Surprise Birthday Party for some friends in the village. I had a thoroughly enjoyable time chatting to friends and getting to know new people I hadn’t met before. Over the years – through practise and persistence – I’ve learnt the Art of Conversation which has enabled me and many of my clients to feel confident and enjoy social and work functions.

Here are some tips that you may find useful:

  • Prepare~ Think about the people that will be at the function. What subjects might they be interested in? Can you research or think of questions to ask
  • Ask OPEN questions – What – Where – When – Who – How. By asking questions – it takes the pressure of talking off of you.
  • Many people love to talk about themselves – keep asking the open questions and actively listen – you will be loved!
  • There will be other people feeling uncomfortable – focus on them and help them feel more at ease. The more you focus on others means that you then don’t focus on yourself
  • Breathe easy – on each out-breath, ensure that you relax. Open out your shoulders and have an open posture
  • Smile – people are more engaging when they smile
  • In this week’s short (and very different) video, I share with you some suggested subjects that you can ask about which will aid you with the Art of Conversation…enjoy!

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