Why Coaching?

People use coaches to help them improve and optimise their performance. Professional sportsmen and women use sports coaches. Successful performers employ voice and acting coaches. And many of the country’s most effective business leaders employ coaches of their own to help them achieve their full potential at every turn.

Glows Coaching specialises in working with people reach their potential in their working lives, using both our popular workshops and one-to-one coaching:

Coaching works by helping individuals identify their goals and overcome the obstacles standing in their way – including self limiting beliefs – to make real and positive changes in their lives.

“I’ve used coaches quite a lot in the past, and know that it has worked for me to some extent before. Using Glows was like coaching on overdrive – so focused. From the pre-coaching questionnaire, which really helped me to focus on what I wanted to achieve out of the session, through to the session itself, where we tackled two major issues which have been holding me back, I found Lindsey to be an inspiration. Lots of light-bulb moments, as well as a clearly defined set of actions I need to take to turn the issues into achievements. Fantastic, a great use of my time, and one I expect to pay dividends in many ways.” Eppie Anderson

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The coaching process is not as expensive as you might think. Just call Lindsey on 01832 280168 for a no-obligation quote for a plan to work for you.


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