Ever find yourself avoiding certain social or business situations? Are you afraid you’re not good enough, or of what other people think of you? What would life be like for you if you felt confident in yourself?

There are five keys to being confident:

1. Understanding what confidence means – it’s about trusting yourself, even when things go wrong.

2. Being responsible for your own confidence – confidence comes from within.

3. Awareness is the first step to change – it’s good to get out of that uncomfortable “comfort zone” – we grow.

4. You can change your beliefs and thoughts – they are not written in stone

5. Developing skills to be socially confident – talking confidently with others, build rapport, be interested and interesting  are skills, and skills can be learnt, whatever age we are.

Many clients have benefitted from coaching with me to master these key elements of confidence.

Interested in developing your inner confidence? Here are three options you can choose from:

1. Confidence Workshops
A wonderful mix of people attend my regular Confidence Workshops: business owners, people setting up their own businesses, professionals, teenagers…..anyone that wants to take action and improve their confidence.

2. 121 Coaching
Individual Confidence Coaching is a very intimate and personal approach. Our sessions can be face to face, via telephone, Skype, or a mix, and is at your pace, depending on whether you prefer to progress quickly, or take time to reflect as you tackle the issues which have been holding you back.

3. Confidence Home Study Programme
This is an online programme of six confidence modules and bonus videos that offer you the opportunity to build up your confidence in privacy, in your own time and have access to it for years to come.

If you would like to discuss the next step for you, please call Lindsey on 01832 280168.
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Our Services
Online coaching over an agreed period focussed all on you. My role is to coach, prod, challenge and encourage you. And you are really listened to...

A range of interactive workshops where you get a great learning experience, resulting in many light-bulb moments...

This is an intensely powerful one-off session with support. Targeted, so you overcome any blocks, barriers, phobias, patterns that you’ve been dragging around...

A range of affordable resources if you prefer to study and reflect at your own pace in the privacy of your own home.

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