About NLP

Glows Coaching uses highly regarded NLP techniques to unleash the powerful individual within each of our clients. If you’ve not come across NLP before, you might find the following information useful:

NLP – How can it help you? Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques are extremely powerful and effective to eradicate issues such as phobias, limiting beliefs or unwanted emotions. These issues can be changed very quickly – just like changing a code within a computer program to rectify a bug.

“Sessions with Lindsey are always fun and full of light bulb moments – Glows is definitely a great name for her business. Lindsey’s powerful NLP techniques and her coaching style are very reassuring, put me at ease and resulted in me making very quick progress.”

Unlike conventional counselling you do not need to give much content about the “whys” of an issue as it is the “how” that we are curious about. NLP compliments coaching beautifully and our clients have found it to be very empowering and has made effective and significant difference to their lives.

NLP – what does it mean? We experience the world through our 5 senses (neurology): see, hear, touch, taste and smell. Our brain unconsciously filters these millions of bits of data. We then give personal meaning to this information, via linguistic maps. These can be verbally or through mental pictures and internal dialogue. As a result of the neurological filtering process and subsequent linguistic maps, we form (programming) behavioural responses and patterns.

For example, 2 people read the same job advert. They have the same qualifications and work experience. However it will depend on their thought and belief process whether they decide to apply for the job.

The History of NLP  – NLP was evolved in the 1970s in America by Dr John Grinder (professor in linguistics) and Dr Richard Bandler (mathematician and psychologist). They were both fascinated by excellence in people so studied and modelled 3 people brilliant in change work & communication (Fritz Perls, Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson). By being aware consciously and unconsciously of their subjects’ physiology, state of mind, and language patterns, Grinder and Bandler were then able to code the results and generously documented and teach others these skills so they too could get the same excellent results.


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