Lindsey’s Background

Prior to setting up Glows Coaching in 2005, I worked for over 20 years in the Finance Sector. In the latter years I headed business support change programmes, successfully leading a variety of complex technical projects by creating and maintaining focus, enthusiasm and momentum. Part of my responsibilities also included setting up new teams; I loved to identify people’s unique qualities, and then place them in positions where they naturally flourished. So rewarding.

Having experienced a major career change myself gives me the appreciation of the range of emotions that many people may be going through in their own career change. Prior to changing my career, I experienced coaching for the first time and found it transformational. I realised what made me tick, what energised me and then had the full trust in myself that I could make this change. My own life has totally benefited from this change; improved health and relationships, stress levels significantly reduced and work/life balance improved. In turn this is my aim to enable this for you.

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