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Got It! The Answer to a Confident, Productive and Stress-Free Life

(Paperback and Kindle)


People from all around the world have shared that they have Got It! Have you?

This little book of 150 pages aims to give you a profound understanding of the human mind. The implications of this understanding are astounding. Please don’t take my word for it! Here are some of the many reviews of the book:

“…As a chronic over-thinker, this is definitely advice that, while simple in its essence, is profound in its application…Over and above the core ideas, Got It! provides real inspiration to help you fulfil your potential without stressing yourself out, trusting in yourself and fully enjoying the journey. Once you’ve Got It, it’s hard to UnGet It, so I recommend that you just Go Get It!” H.Hussain

“I almost didn’t buy this book, as I have bought so many books on the subject of the Three Principles and wondered what else a book as short as this (and as cheap as this!) could teach me. I’m so glad I did. It’s one of the best I have read. Really simple to understand… Magical” Laura

“The humorous, playful style (aptly demonstrating the need for us to take ourselves less seriously) makes this short book a fun and quick read. It is a little gem that I suspect will make a massive difference to many.” Kay Robinson

“This is a great book dispelling some of the common myths about confidence and providing real insights based on simple principles, scientific research and inspiring examples from the author. It was a joy to read; in fact, I couldn’t put it down!” Lisa Gill

A – Z for Excellence

By Lindsey Reed


For just £2 – you will discover in this A – Z for Excellence eBook 26 bite-sized nuggets of learning based on an understanding of how we operate and experience life. 

By reading each one and having some time of reflection, you can allow your own insights to transcend. The impact of these is that you will discover your extra-ordinariness and shine beyond your brightest expectations so that you can have a fulfilling and joyful life.


Here is an example for you:


New Confidence Home Study Programme

By Lindsey Reed

Coming Soon

I wrote my first Confidence Home Study Programme in 2011 and had some lovely testimonials of how this 6 module programme has transformed the readers’ lives.

However, in early 2016 I came across an understanding of how we experience life that has been profound for me and many others across the world. These are simple principles of psychology: Mind, Consciousness and Thought. With this new understanding, I have changed how I coach, how I run workshops, the words on my website and next on the list is re-writing the Confidence Home Study Programme.

Please get in touch with me, give me a nudge to get this new version written for you.

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