Business Networking Workshop

Networking can be a powerful tool in raising awareness, generating leads and growing your business.  But for most business owners the word ‘networking’ shoots fear into the very essence of their being.  Can you imagine yourself walking into a room full of strangers, and being able to relax and enjoy the experience? 

There are lots of courses you can attend where you’ll learn how to network, and, if you have, you’ll know what you should do, but the reality is somewhat different.   How can they help you with that sick feeling deep in the pit of your stomach, the sweaty palms and the sheer terror that going into the room brings to the surface?

If you’re ready to banish the networking gremlins, then ‘Network with Confidence’ will help you to overcome your fears.  It will get you into that room with less stress and more confidence.

“I never knew developing a pitch was so easy wso many different possibilities. I used to dread networking, and it was up there equal with going to the dentist! After your Network with Confidence Workshop, I’m much more relaxed and enjoying myself more!  I strongly recommend Lindsey’s workshop for anyone serious about growing their business through networking”  Louise Hodgkinson, Marketing In Action

What will I learn?

  • Understand and acknowledge your fear
  • What makes a confident person confident
  • How people network
  • How to engage your fellow networkers
  • Develop an interesting and varied pitch

How will I benefit?

  • Walk into any networking situation with your head held high
  • Project confidence on the outside, while developing confidence on the inside
  • Confidently promote your business to the room with an accomplished range of pitches
  • Feel relaxed and enjoy the experience
  • Engage with other attendees

For who and how much?

  • This workshop is for a group of small business owners that wish to club together to learn how to network effectively
  • Price is £400 for half day (for group)

How do we book ?

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