Testimonials for Confidence Home Study

“Working through the 6 modules has been a revelation and I feel as though I’m looking at the world with fresh eyes and a completely different perspective. Up until this point I’ve been going through the motions of life rather than living! Thank you for opening my eyes to a wonderful world, full of new possibilities” -L Hodgkinson

“The coaching substantially exceeded my expectations, even after just the first two sessions, along with the home study modules, the coaching enabled me to make substantial changes to my working relationship with my boss, letting me discuss issues in a more direct and open manner. The coaching overall has been hugely helpful to me in understanding myself and improving the way I interact with others in the work environment, and in a very short space of time made me a more effective and confident manager. Ultimately, this has allowed me to make a major decision in moving me along in my career. Thanks Lindsey, I will happily recommend you!”-Brian Clarkstone

“I really enjoyed the Confidence Home Study Programme. There are so many practical exercises and the programme’s really changed my mindset. I didn’t realise that I was carrying so many unhelpful beliefs around with me and now I know they’re there, I have let them go. I love the mix of videos and written anecdotes and activities – it felt like I was getting one-to-one coaching with Lindsey herself from the comfort of my own home! I strongly recommend this programme, not just for people who lack confidence but for anyone who wants to demystify confidence and be able to experience it whenever they want.” – Lisa, Reimaginaire Ltd, London

“An update on how I am getting on with your Confidence Home Study Programme Lindsey. I have not finished the programme yet, however since I have started I have already experienced extremely positive changes in my life. This program has allowed me, so far, to challenge myself and overcome fears that stopped me from achieving things in life. I have learned to think differently, to judge myself more kindly and to expose myself to new experiences. It has been incredibly rewarding to beat my fears. I am confident things will continue to get better. Thank you.” AR Byfleet

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