Testimonials for Break Through

“The session has totally transformed me. I know who I am now and have a real sense of identity. And that has really had huge impact on my business. I am attracting the right clients, I am connecting with people better, I feel so much better, my relationships are stronger. And now if I ever find myself in a situation that I feel slightly nervous – now all I do is remember being in your room and I have anchored that feeling that I felt…and then I am fine. My whole mental awareness, way of thinking and well being is so much better now – I feel liberated.” – Dan, Cheshire (6 months after the session)

“Can’t thank you enough! One session and I can’t believe the difference it has made. Picked up the phone like a thing possessed afterwards and achieved 60% of the target I set in three days!!” – Nicky, Director

“I came to Lindsey following long term difficulty sleeping, caused by a traumatic event a few years earlier. In just one session, Lindsey managed to transform my sleeping habits and allow me to get on with my life with new energy. She made me look back on the traumatic event with fresh eyes and see it in a different, almost humorous light. By overcoming my subconscious fear of something similar happening again, I no longer wake throughout the night nor do I have the disturbing dreams I once had! I’m not exaggerating when I say that the work Lindsey does is life changing,” – Laura from London


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