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Bespoke Workshops

Case studies

The Gift – A motivational half-day workshop for teams that enables each person to recognise and celebrate their own gifts and uniqueness and their colleagues.

“It was very thought-provoking, and I have come away with some really useful ‘life tools'”

“I just wanted to say thank you for this morning – I thought it was a great workshop and good for us all, there was no pressure on anybody to “perform”, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable and constructive morning. I thought Lindsey was a brilliant trainer and on all our wavelengths…”

Work-Life Balance – A one-day workshop for a Primary School in Cambridge, structuring around their values: “Aspire – Challenge – Discover” so that the day connected with what is important for them and their school. We explored what work-life balance meant to each individual and what needs to be true for them. We identified the challenges of achieving a work-life balance and the factors that are actually in their control. This empowered the group to make decisions on what was important for both themselves and the school.

“Lindsey’s workshop helped me to realise that work is part of my life, not my whole life. It was interesting learning how my colleagues view their work-life balance and learning ways to prioritise activities within my life!”

“I found the workshop extremely thought-provoking! Lindsey presented it in a fun, enjoyable way, and I came away having learnt that it’s ok not to be perfect! Just to remain calm and be organised…”

“Lindsey had a lovely approach, and it was nice to have a few laughs along the way! The workshop made me reflect on my current work-life balance and wellbeing and realise what my personal values are. Thank you!”

“The workshop was open, welcome and engaging throughout… Lindsey’s approach and structure allowed every member of the team to access exactly what was relevant and useful to them.”

Finding the Inner You – This was for a group of people in the network marketing business. It enabled them to understand themselves and what motivates them, remind them of the passion for their business and build a great mindset to build their business.

Leadership – A workshop for a charity that involved putting leadership theory into practice in a fun and thought-provoking way. It included action centred leadership, situational leadership, styles, delegation steps and more.

Trainer style and approach rating 7 from participants (Ratings from 1 – 7, 7 being the highest)

“Great trainer, brilliant real-life examples with fun slides. Great insight on how to be a more effective leader and be more efficient in my role.”

Conflict Management / Assertiveness / Presentation Skills / Train the Trainer / Positive Thinking / Networking with Confidence / Career Management

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