Testimonials for 1:2:1

“After starting my own business I found that I lacked confidence in certain areas and could not do myself justice when speaking with people about my services or when speaking in front of large groups, or indeed any situation that involved talking to people and seemingly ‘selling’ my services in any way.  Everyday I was feeling like I had interview nerves, and it was getting to me!  The coaching with Lindsey was excellent. It addressed my nervousness around public speaking almost instantly and I have to say I was quite astounded.  I was willing to give it a go because I needed to improve but I was not expecting to take such a huge leap forward in my thinking and approach to it.  Afterwards, my next public speaking event was a totally different experience and I continue to get improve. The coaching methods in both the 121 and Lindsey’s Confidence workshop opened my eyes to an entirely different, more positive way to view all situations and this continues to help me, hugely, on a daily basis in many aspects of my life and business. Thank you Lindsey.” – S.Watson

“From the moment I met Lindsey I felt at ease and in the presence of a warm and generous soul. I really felt that I could tell her anything and never felt that I was saying the ‘wrong’ thing or wasting her time. During my life I have seen a few different therapists and never felt that I could really let go but with Lindsey I found someone who actually understood me and she was marvelous in how she moved the session around my reactions and needs and didn’t follow a well worn path/system that had been created before I had arrived. The session involved some visualisation and behavioural therapy and I left feeling that I was floating on a cloud. The world looks different now and although I still sometimes slip into the old me I can now use the skills Lindsey taught me to find myself again. I am now known as a happy, smiley person who is encouraging and supportive to the people around her. I love the new me and the comments I have but the best thing is that Lindsey taught me that I have always been this positive person but I just couldn’t see it. With Lindsey help I have been set free and for that I will always be grateful to the friend who recommended her to meet me. I, in turn, would recommend her to anyone who needs to find the light in the darkness, for anyone who has lost their way or even if you just need a little help nailing that next interview, because not only was Lindsey responsible for helping me finding myself but she also created me the perfect CV!” – Justine, Peterborough

“Lindsey has made me think, soothed me, made me laugh, & even made me feel uncomfortable, the grit in the oyster that makes the pearl! She is a great therapist and coach – her professionalism and warmth have helped me through a very difficult time and she has the confidence and the compassion to, at times, make difficult observations, ask those uncomfortable questions that has really helped me look at myself more closely, reframe things and positively change. I am extremely grateful and recommend Lindsey to all that want to move forward in their lives.” – DP Brighton

“I was very disillusioned with my job and looking for something else to do. I was offered Career Guidance with Lindsey Reed which I found extremely useful. It gave me time to reflect on why I was disillusioned, what was important to me in a job and what options I had for the future. Lindsey acted as my conduit and was able to unscramble my confusion. This gave me the opportunity to solidify my thoughts into a plan. Her enthusiasm and encouragement gave me the confidence to follow this plan through and I am now a successful, freelance Consultant Physicist and I am much happier with the direction of my life.” – PDT, Consultant Clinical Physicist, London

“Sessions with Lindsey are always fun and full of light bulb moments – GLOWS is definitively a great name for her business. She has the knack of asking the right questions and extrapolates the answers from me in such a relaxed way. I have many more business ideas that I hadn’t previously considered and I always feel highly motivated after a session with Lindsey. I am more succinct in knowing my unique business offering and am now reaping the rewards from this change. Lindsey’s powerful NLP techniques and her coaching style are very reassuring, put me at ease and resulted in me making very quick progress. I highly recommend Lindsey, she definitely helps people either develop or change their career” – Karen, Northants

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