Weather or Not…Make it Your Choice!

Glows Lightbulb smallWouldn’t it be lovely to have your choice of weather. Us Brits love talking about the weather don’t we. And it’s no wonder – it seems like it’s different every day. This week we have had huge storms – 100 mph winds in the south; torrential rain – there’s huge puddles in our garden, and as I write, it’s now sunny with a bright blue sky and a few fluffy clouds – wonderful.

And it is a British thing. When a friend was in San Diego, she started talking about how lovely and sunny it was, people looked at her as if she was mad! It’s sunny 300 days of the year there!

I do find that the weather can affect how we are feeling. Continuous rain can dampen our spirit if we allow it to and when the sun starts to shine, it lifts us. Unsurprisingly, people smile more.

In this video, I share with you my thoughts on how the weather can represent our mood – sunny, draining, uplifting, stormy, and intensive. We cannot choose the weather however it’s your choice as to your mood.

What weather are you most of the time?

Are you stuck in a weather cycle?

Do you drain others (and yourself) by seeing the negative in everything, moaning? Are you happy and enjoy lifting people’s spirits, making them smile? Are you full of anger, and the smallest thing can fire you off in a rage?

Do you allow external factors to affect your mood? If someone else is having a bad time – does this mean that you need to absorb their stuff?

My Big Lesson

One of my biggest lessons since becoming a coach is that we all have a choice as to how we feel and what moods we have. When I discovered this – it was liberating. I can choose exactly how I want to feel and I can choose to change how I want to feel. What’s more – I don’t need to get stuck in one feeling. If I feel angry about something – that’s fine and then I can let go of the anger if I choose.

On holiday recently, I was really looking forward to a week away in the sun and was so disappointed that the weather forecast was rain. It did dampen my spirit for a short while – I must admit. And then I stopped…..gave myself a gentle talking to and reminded myself that I don’t need the weather to make me happy. So despite 5 days of rain we had a wonderfully relaxing time walking round art galleries, museums and chatting in cafes.

So my thought for this Light-bulb moment is:

“What can you do to remind yourself that it’s your choice what weather represents you?”

On a lighter note – I found this fun quiz on What Weather Represents Your Personality (I came out as a Rainbow! A different description to mine though)

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