The Cost of Lack of Confidence

dreamstimefree_245057A few times each month I attend networks – meeting other business people where we share news, promote our businesses and support one another. I thoroughly enjoy these networks and over the years I have made many great friends and  it’s been wonderful working with many and seeing their businesses AND themselves grow.

Unfortunately I have also seen a few businesses not flourish – we all know that it’s been challenging times for a number of industries – however, for some of these businesses, I believe it has been the owner’s lack of confidence that has cost them their business – which is such a shame. Often it can be because they don’t like selling their products or services – fearing rejection or what others may think about them. They don’t invest in self development, perhaps they don’t feel worthy to spend money on themselves. And this is all down to their beliefs and confidence that has held them back.

So what are the other costs? In this week’s short video [2:45 minutes] I share with you 3 different costs that can hold you back if you don’t deal with lack of confidence. Once you have watched this – reflect on your life and if your lack of confidence is costing you. A few other costs: Is it costing you happiness in leading the life that you rightly deserve? It is costing you lack of sleep due to anxiety? It is costing you success – perhaps you are playing small – but deep down you know you are capable of more.

When you have discovered the cost – what action are you going to take to build up your confidence so that you have more happiness, success and contentment in your life?

You may be interested in booking onto the Confidence Workshop  where in 1 day you can start an exciting journey investing in you – yes – there’s a cost of money and time – however what a life changing investment so that you feel more confident, trust yourself and have a much more positive and proactive approach to life. What will that be worth?

Lindsey Reed is an experienced confidence coach who specialises in enabling people to have more confidence in their lives. If you experience times of low self-esteem, self doubt and lacking in confidence, email or call 01832 280168 to see how your personal and working life can be improved. 


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