Thoughts and The Birdie Song

If there is one song I dislike, it is the Birdie Song by The Tweets. If you don’t know it, I strongly advise you NOT to go on Spotify and listen to it! The irritating tune will seep into your soul and you’ll be humming this for the rest of the day…

The Birdie SongIn fact, that is similar to what many people do; perhaps not the Birdie Song specifically, but a different rubbishy record such as “I’m not good enough”, “Nobody likes me”, or “I am so thick”. The last one used to be my Number 1 hit and reminds me of The Smiths titles!

When you think about it, why would you keep replaying songs that you cannot stand to listen to? It doesn’t make logical sense.

Now, I am not saying that you should metaphorically change the record or even turn it off. Imagine your thoughts are more like a radio playing continuously in the background. If a song that you don’t like is playing, you don’t need to do anything, in a few minutes, it won’t replay, it will change to another tune.

I seem a bit like a stuck record; I may have written about this before. In fact, I definitely have! However, it can take time for things to sink in… well it does for me anyway.

What I am sharing with you is quite different from the usual psychological understanding.

Usually, if we struggle with negative thoughts, we are told to notice them, change them, analyse them or simply ‘stop’ thinking about them. What often happens as a result is that the more we judge ourselves and try and change our thoughts, the more of a mess we get into. We end up focusing on those thoughts more and end up believing that there’s something wrong with us. 

Our thoughts are neither good or bad (our actions are a different matter).

What if we see thought as neutral? Even the Birdie Song is neutral. It can’t actually do me any harm.

It is futile to try to change or stop the constant stream of thought. It would be like trying to change the records on the radio.

We have thoughts; we are not our thoughts.

When seeing for ourselves how the natural system of ‘thought’ works, our relationship with our thoughts shifts.

No longer are my thoughts a hindrance or even torture.  I now see ‘thought’ as a gift and a fantastic tool to create ideas. I hope the same is for you.

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