Be in the Right State

…Not in a Right State!

Sometimes daily challenges can make us feel low: stresses at work; financial worries; feeling nervous about an event or negative people dragging us down.

Or it could be doing something that you loathe; de-motivated and feeling frustrated that you need to get things done.

Graham's front gardenWriting isn’t my natural communication style, (hence the videos – so much quicker for me). However I have noticed that when my state is positive and happy, my writing flows so much easier.

Being able to manage your state is a great skill to have – it enables you to perform better at work, get things done, improves your motivation and helps you to enjoy life more. So what’s the answer? How can you quickly change your state?

Watch this week’s video to discover the reason why I have the photo of a garden and, more importantly, find out a quick and easy way of changing your state.

Happy Thoughts from Lindsey Reed on Vimeo.

What are your 20 thoughts?

Write these down. To make this really effective, choose one that is based on a memory.

Imagine that you are there – notice how you feel, where’s the energy and feeling in your body? What is it like? Spend time remembering the details that put a big smile on your face.

Notice the colours that you visualise, the shade and light. Remember the sounds that you could hear, the quality of the tone, the volume, rhythm. What about the sense of smell? Sweet, spicy, musky? Can you smell the air, nature or people? Are you touching anything? What’s the textures, the temperature? Remember as many details as possible.

Practise remembering and getting into that state quickly – A technique for this is called “anchoring” where you associate a strong feeling with a unique action that you can quickly do such as flick your fingers. Repeat this action with a smile on your face and
with energy a number of times. Enjoy it – practise it – and you will find that whenever you want to quickly change your state of mind – hey presto – you can!

Lindsey Reed is an experienced coach who specialises in boosting the confidence of professionals. Email or call 01832 280168 to see how you can improve your working life.

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