Learning from the Olympics

OlmpicsThe Olympics and Paralympics are now over and like any good project team – I’m sure there will now be a time of reflections from those involved in the planning and also the athletes.

And what about the rest of us? In the past month – what have we learned from these 2 amazing events?


As a former project manager, I have so admired the thoroughness and detail of the planning and preparation– the collaboration and co-operations, getting the right people involved – the whole legacy of the Park – ensuring the success of regenerating of an entire community. Practical planning such as the flats that the athletes stayed in will be easily converted to affordable housing – the plumbing and electrics already there to fit out kitchen.

Even during the Olympics – meeting were held daily with all the key decision makers involved. They acted quickly when things went wrong such as the empty seats.

Team spirit

The 70,000+ Games Makers; performers at the Ceremonies, the drivers transporting athletes, those welcoming visitors all over London, the ones behind the scenes helping with technology etc. These people showed enthusiasm, generosity, dedication and commitment. They were encouraged to support each other throughout the preparation and the events – great team spirit which was infectious.

I wonder how the leaders got all of these people buy-in? How were they inspired and motivated? This demonstrates great leadership and team work. Imagine a company with this amount of people with such great, positive “can-do” attitudes? And they weren’t even getting paid!


Every one of the athletes was successful – by achieving getting to the Olympics. It takes focus, determination, resilience and commitment to achieve such success. Their success is a result of learning and practising sporting skills; ensuring they are in tip-top condition. The skill and stamina is not enough though. The success of these athletes is also based on their attitude, confidence and belief in themselves.


In the last four years £312m and £49.2 has been invested in Team GB and Paralympic sport respectively. And look at the success our teams have achieved through this investment. Targets and Records were over achieved.

However it’s not just the elite sports men and women that have benefited – we all have –by observing and being inspired by the top athletes; seeing the paralympians overcoming adversity to the highest degree. We can all model the success of the athletics and leaders of the Olympics.

What have you learned for the Olympics and Paralympics?

Learnings From Olympic Park from Lindsey Reed on Vimeo.

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