Grab Hold of Life by the Balls

…And Don’t Let Go

I am writing this sat in a narrow boat on the Grand Union Canal… I really am! It has just become home for a friend of mine, who had to sell the family home because of a divorce and a job coming to the end.

Judith narrowboat2 Her attitude has inspired me hugely. Instead of feeling down and getting depressed, my friend saw this as an opportunity to change her life and do something new.

Sometimes, we need a push to change our lives and follow our dreams. We recently lost a dear friend who died aged just 48 and it makes you realise that life is short! We really do have to grab hold of life, before it slips through our fingers.

So, here we are, sat on a narrow boat, ducks floating past the window, log fire burning… in a couple of days time, this little boat will be chugging its way down to Gloucester as my friend begins a new, exciting journey.

So today’s tip? Grab hold of life. Any opportunity that comes your way, grab it with two hands and whatever you do, don’t let go…

Lindsey Reed is an experienced NLP coach and trainer who works with people that want their brilliance to shine through. To see how you can improve your personal and working life contact Lindsey either by emailing her on or call 01832 280168 for a chat to see if she is the right coach for you.

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