Controlling Emotions

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The term ‘emotional’ can often be seen as a negative in the work place; a label given to someone who is not always fully in control and unable to manage the stresses of their position.

But how in control are any of us of our emotions?

We all deal with  our emotions differently; with some people mistaking suppressing emotions for  ‘dealing’ with them. Whether you consider yourself to be emotional or not, it’s important to remember that if we don’t manage our emotions, our emotions manage us.

Understanding our Emotions

Without emotion, life is just a series of facts. We need emotion to make life what it is. Emotions are part of who we are and determine the quality of our relationships with ourselves, our family, friends, associates and colleagues. Our emotions come and go; sometimes they can be triggered like a flick of a switch.

There are no ‘bad’ emotions; emotions are simply your messenger. Sometimes it’s a message telling you to act quickly to a situation, or a message from a past event that you need to learn from and move on from. If your emotions keep giving you negative feelings such as bitterness and anger, these can be very harmful to you; your health, your relationships and your confidence level if you do not deal with them.

Controlling our Emotions

So who does control our emotions? The only person who owns your emotions is you.

How often do people say things like “He made me angry” or “That noise is so annoying!”? But a noise or another person really can’t control your emotions. Of course, sometimes a person’s behaviour can really annoy us; however it’s us that choose to get – or not get – annoyed.

As well as blaming others for our own emotion, we can also deny our own emotions and project them onto other people.

It’s time to take responsibility for your own emotions. You have the ability to respond  however you choose.

You have the choice on how people affect your moods; you have the choice on how you feel today; you have the choice on how you react to different situations.

It is your choice to live how you want to live.

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