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What do you notice about the clothes the people are wearing in the picture? And imagine a rainbow with just these colours. Drab eh? There are so many colours around, I find it such a shame that people play safe and wear blacks and greys. I was seeing a client in London yesterday and took this photo at Kings Cross Station. Why do so many office workers wear black? Black really doesn’t suit many people – and it is such a dreary colour. Ok – I have got that off my chest!

I do love clothes and like to wear an array of colours – bright green and blue today (who says blue and green should never been seen – pah!). Mind you, I have mellowed compared to my teenage years. I was often seen in the Marquee Club in Soho pogoing to the Revillos wearing winkle pickers, dayglo pink or yellow tights, bright mini dress, black make-up and spiked, back-combed hair the colour of a rainbow!

Does what we wear makes a different to how we feel?

When working with clients I mainly focus on what’s going on inside of them. Their thoughts, beliefs, their mind-set, language patterns and physiology. But what about the outside? Do our clothes make a difference? I know personally that wearing a great outfit gives me an extra skip in my step – a boost – as superficial as it may sound. Often, when I am training at different companies I do consider the style of clothes that the employees may wear and dress accordingly. It helps build that initial rapport. Our external appearance is the first thing that people see – so as well as wearing clothes that suit us – a smile can make a huge difference as well!

People like people like themselves

 As I am no expert on clothes style, I have asked Lesley Clarke, Style advisor and network friend to share her thoughts about style and confidence.

So Lesley…What has Style got to do with confidence?

Lesley ClarkeWell, I’d say a lot…(I am a Style advisor). Think about how you feel right now. What are you wearing? Have you just come in from gardening or are ready to go and meet a client? Whatever your answer, you’ll be dressed for a certain occasion/task and it will put you in a certain mindset.

The subconscious visual messages about what we wear can be very powerful. If your appearance matches the perception of your client/customer it will be much easier for you to get your message across, they will naturally think you are credible in what you are saying you can deliver. Your clothes can demonstrate a confident style.

Whatever our age or personal circumstances we all experience wobbles at different times in our lives and these don’t have to be for any specific reason. That’s not how the human psyche works, there doesn’t have to be an obvious reason, it can be due to a deeper subconscious process that you are not directly aware of. It may of course be because something has happened at work or home that makes you question yourself in some way, it may be hormone related, or the pressures of everyday life – but whatever the reason, the outcome is the same – our confidence can get dented. So if you know you’re looking good and have made the most of your natural features, this confidence in your appearance can help you feel more positive about other aspects of your life.

Yet, how many of us fret about what to wear and if your confidence is low – you may be worrying about what others think: ‘I can’t wear that, I wore it last time I went out with this group of friends’?

Well, my response to you would be – does it really matter? Isn’t it better to be remembered for looking good rather than wear something different that doesn’t have the same impact and doesn’t make you feel as good? Think back to when you’ve thought someone looked nice – can you remember exactly what he or she was wearing? I think its like going out for a meal, we remember the occasion because of the ambience and company and often not the detail of the food. Of course we remember that it was delicious, I certainly wouldn’t remember what I had for every course!idence ur own personal style is when you catch yo

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